Digital Strategy

How, what and why

First things first. Before we start a project, we need to know who our client is and who his customers are. What service or product our client sells. What the job this product or service is solving for its customers and how this matches the current task we are trying to solve together.

Our human-centered approach to the work we do we follow the Design Thinking and Jobs-to-be-done principles in this phase of a project.

User Experience

We create awesome experiences

After we have set a clear goal, got to know your customers and their needs and maybe have even done a Sprint together, we start with the conceptional part. During this phase we talk a lot about content, functionality and user experience.

After we have agreed on the information architecture of our digital product which basically means defining its content and structure, we start visualizing your product with scribbles and wireframes and maybe also create some early prototypes to start user testing in an early stage of our product.


Building a visually unique product design

Parallel to sketching and testing we start creating the visual design of our digital product or online service.

We design websites and apps carefully paying attention to current trends and developments but always keeping your brand and purpose as well as your customers in mind.

It is important to us to be aware of common design patterns and behavioural influences when designing a product.


We empower you to be creative

Workshops are the best way to solve a big challenge together as a mighty team. We empower you to create new and innovative solutions within a short amount of time.

Part of our Services are Design Sprints by certified Facilitators, Design Thinking Workshops, Discovery Workshops to find a common path for milestones and future plans,
Empathy Workshops to understand and prioritize user needs or any other Workshop Format you are interested in.
Our facilitators are all certified by Hyper Island.

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