Innovation Lab x Copenhagen

Together with our partner firm dorris we offer Digital Innovation Events in Copenhagen. Our experts inspire you and show you valuable insights. You will be equipped with new mindsets, different
perspectives and the right toolsets to solve your major business challenges.
Tailormade workshops

Adding a new dimension to the process of learning

In our Innovation Lab you will experience a strategic exploration of different ecosystems, understand new behaviors, test out new things and engage in high-level partnerships.

Leaving your comfort zone

Taking you to a foreign country and meeting a new culture with new mindsets will strengthen your innovation capability.

Trigger changes in your thinking

A variety of different interaction formats enhance your experience and guarantee a valuable knowledge transfer.

Become a Forward-Thinker

Coming back from our Lab you will have gained new expert know-how and new methodology skills making you a Change Agent in your own company.

The Themes

Digital Transformation /Disruptive Strategies
Meet people who do things differently. People who explore new paths. People who can teach us to redefine how business is done.
In times where everybody needs an answer on how to face future developments and technologies, how to re-define business models and do things differently than before, our Disruptive Speakers have a captivating story to tell and will give you the right impulses to strike new paths in your own job.

Thinking Outside the Box
An open-minded culture, a small country where people are used to collaborating and living in equal structures as well as the need to create something that also inspires people outside their own country - a good starting point to become a nation of Forward-Thinkers. Our Speakers are only some of them, but their stories are more than inspiring.

New Work / Forming the Future of Employment
The modern working world is getting more and more disrupted.
Digitalization has changed our workplace. Cultural changes will have an even greater impact in the future.
Our Speakers can give us not only an outlook on the Future of Work but also give us valuable advice on how to deal best with our worklife today, hire and keep the best talents and derive greater satisfaction in our current job.

Future Technologies and Developments / Making you Future-Proof
Demographic and technological changes have a great impact on each industry. People move to urban areas, we have got used to sharing things instead of owning them, technology as self-driving cars or AI supporting our daily work shape our future.
Our Speakers give us live insights what is possible already now, what we can expect to come and how we can make the best out of it for our business

Sustainability and urbanisation - the Future of our cities and lives
We are proud members of Copenhagen based BLOXHUB - the Nordic hub for sustainable urbanization. Founded on the belief, that the challenges of global urbanization and climate change require partnerships and new ways of collaboration.

If your organization is impacted by how we live in the future, what our cities will look like, the future of mobility, how we will work, what we will eat and where we will shop, then you should join our Innovation Lab x Copenhagen.


Our Offer

We put together one to five days of innovative workshops with inspirational Lightning Talks by Scandinavian experts in your field. These talks are a solid base for creating solutions to your challenge together with your team and our experts in a completely new and inspiring surrounding.

After we have spent these inspiring days together in Copenhagen, we invite you to continue working with us and empower you to create a new, optimized version of your product or service.

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