The "No-Office" - An innovation case with Hyper Island Stockholm


Digital agency based in Hamburg


Workshop Facilitation
User Research: Surveys & Interviews
Ideation Sessions with Lightning Demos, Mashup Innovation Exercises, Dotmocracy and other Design Sprint methodologies
Assumption Mapping
Prototyping & Testing
Growth Hacking

The Situation

Hyper Island is a renown digital creative business school from Sweden. Working with Hyper Island on an innovation case, we decided to create „The Workplace of the Future“ for a Hamburg-based agency.

Like companies as 37signals, IBM or Fotolia we set up our first agency kontor eins digital solely with remote workers. Still today I work off-site but still form a well-performing team with my clients.  

The Task

  • Defining a way of working together everybody feels happy with
  • A set of tools we all commit to use to stay connected and work together delivering the best results
  • Implementing valuable changes to our current workplace
  • More productive and happy employees / Less mental stress

The Target Audience and their Needs

Target group:

  • Employees working in a typical open space office

What matters most to my target group?

  • Better Mental Health
  • Better infrastructure to do their job the best they can as individuals and as a team
  • More time to do their actual job
  • Higher employer engagement


  • Exploration of different methods and techniques for opportunity-spotting, user research and generating insights.
  • Gathering a rich set of data about the current work situation, the behaviour and the needs of my target group by user interviews and surveys
  • Framing the challenge: Creating the Workplace of the Future for a Hamburg-based agency.

Ideation & Concepting

  • Using Design Sprint principles („Together, alone“, Lightning Demos, Dotmocracy) as well as divergent and convergent thinking I explored different solutions.


The constant change of space and environment leads to new impulses and encourages inspiration.

Prototyping & Testing

  • Assumption mapping
  • Creating a storyboard for the selected solution we wanted to test
  • Collecting feedback from the target audience


I love the new flexibility to choose my workplace according to my current job.

The Outcome

  • An MVP  for a new kind of office tailored for my test audience
  • Valuable feedback for further concept iterations
  • Great insights in the fields of "New Work“ and the advantages of remote work
  • An invitation to speak about this experiment and my experience with "New Work" at Rocketeer Festival 2019

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