Relaunch of a menswear online store - Acquiring new customers across Europe with a brand-new User Experience and Interface Design




UX Research
User Interviews & Surveys
Personas & Empathy Maps
Information Architecture
UX Concept
UI Design
Online Styleguide

ANTON MEYER is a renowned brand for high-quality suits and evening wear. Opening new stores across Europe, the company aimed for expanding their online business as well. A new ERP system was going to be introduced. Along with that the client also wanted to relaunch its online store which was not state-of-the-art any more.

After an intensive User Research phase we re-worked the Information Architecture of the online store, helped kick-off the new ERP and set up its data structure, worked the centerpiece of the new store - a product configurator - with Design Thinking methods and finally created the whole new interface design based on a new styleguide and pattern library.  

The Task

  • Strategy and concept for the new online store
  • Development of a new Corporate Identity
  • Creating a whole new User Interface Design and Online CI

The Target Group

Creating three personas helped identify our users` most important needs regarding content, user flows and features.

The insights led to How-might-we questions that guided me through the concept process.

The UX Action

  • User interviews and surveys
  • Personas and empathy maps
  • Usage of Design Thinking and HyperIsland Innovation methods
  • Wireframing all Desktop and Mobile pages
  • Prototyping of user flows and animations

Identifying the seeds for ideation - From research to ideas with the How-Might-We-Technique

After an intense User Research Phase using 1:1 interviews, surveys and analytics, we were able to find patterns to figure out which challenges were the most important ones to take on. We created How Might We questions covering the six most important topics for our users. These HMW-questions were the basis for the concept of the new online store guiding our way from the problems we had to solve to providing the best solutions to our users.  


The heart of the new online shop - Our customized suit configuration wizard

A playful but easy-to-use step-by-step guidance to a tailored suit. Jackets, pants and vests can be combined in different sizes and different styles. Matching cross-selling products are offered to complete the look.


Bringing the personality of the brand from brick-and-mortar to our online store with fashion advice from real in-store consultants

Bringing the experience of a brick-and-mortar visit at ANTON MEYER to the web, we introduce several in-store consultants who share their very own styling advice.

Each consultant can also be easily contacted via Whatsapp & Co. to get instant help or send a picture of different sizes to find the perfect fit.


Creating a new Design language that reflects the brand values - high quality, great sales consultants and perfect fit

  • Clean, well-structured and minimalistic user interface to put the focus on the high-quality clothes
  • Responsive design
  • Prototype creation

The Result

  • The new online shop solves major issues providing a better and more convenient shopping experience
  • The product configurator helps users overcome the barriers of buying a suit online
  • The new design reflects the brand values and helps acquire new customers across Europe

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