Copenhagen Travel Guide


Some years ago, I used to travel to Copenhagen regularly for business. I fell in love with the city in 2010. And since I am asked for Copenhagen tips from friends so often, this blog article has nothing to do with digital business this time but with the best place for a shopping weekend.

Copenhagen is famous for three things: design, food and fashion. I have seen fashion trends emerging from Denmark down to Hamburg and Germany in the past years and I am always inspired by Copenhagen`s style. So this Copenhagen guide is all about my three favorites. But there is more to that as well.

Travel & accommodation

Actually you can travel quite well by train. The nice thing is that the itinerary is divided by the short break on board of a ferry from Puttgarden over to Rødby. But it does take some time so that you will lose half a day. That is why I actually recommend either going to Copenhagen by plane and traveling back by train (or the other way around) or taking a cheap SAS flight from Hamburg. It`s as short as you might think: 35-40 minutes. 

Hotels in Copenhagen are expensive and actually most of them are not very nice. I liked staying at Skt. Petri and was told to try Hotel SP 34 which seems to be new. But if you follow my advice, stay at one of the hundreds of Airbnb apartments! Nørrebro and Frederiksberg are nice parts of the city with charming houses and little cafés and restaurants. And The Lakes are just around the corner for a quick 6km-run in the morning. 

Inside Fiskebaren

Inside Fiskebaren


I always envy Copenhagen for the diversity of food and restaurants. And their courage to try new things. It´s a lot like Berlin but even better. New places open up in areas like the Meatpacking District and use the atmosphere of unfinished architecture as style elements creating food experiences I don`t know where to get in Germany (maybe apart from some rare places in our capital). You find all the nice places in the map below, just to name some: Fleisch for those of you who want the ultimate, well, Fleisch-experience.

Fiskebaren for the best fish and oysters I have ever had, Radio for the most delicious menu experience, Grød for the best Chia bowl I have ever tasted, 42Raw for everything in-between breakfast and dinner like Acai bowls, glutenfree bread with fresh avocado and chili mayonnaise or the most yummie chocolate bars only with healthy ingredients. And not to forget coffee. Actually you can drink good coffee at most places but the best for hand-filtered coffee is Coffee Collective and if you are up to coffee with a spectacular view, try Original Coffee on the rooftop of Illum. Last but not least: If you like icecream and want to try some that really tastes like what`s inside and this is not sugar, go to Nicecream in Frederiksberg. You will not regret it!

And one last advice: Book a table for dinner on the restaurants website or give them a call. Otherwise you will probably not be lucky to get a table.


Well, as I used to sell Danish fashion and cannot get enough of Danish clothing brands and style, I must admit I am addicted to shopping in Copenhagen. You can find some of my favorite stores below on the map. But here is a selection:

  • Hope: Actually my favorite this summer. I love the minimal style and looks. Most pieces are made gender-neutral and can be worn by him or her. If you love the monochrome athleisure-style, this is your place.  
  • Wood Wood Museum: Missed a great Wood Wood piece in the past seasons? Here you might find it. Always a surprise!
  • Designers Remix: One of my most favorite Danish brands. Mixing sophisticated styles with sporty elements worn by Medina and Kendall Jenner. Made by the talented Charlotte Eskildsen who sells her collections worldwide.   
  • Custommade: Also very simple, sporty looks with a nice twist. 
  • Naked: Sneaker store for girls only.
  • Stokkel: One of the many nice little shops in Elmegade outside the city centre but worth a visit. Great label mix with Acne, Won Hundred, Libertine Libertine and others.
  • Magasin and Illum: If you want the one-stop experience, go to the two big department stores in the city centre. They have them all.
Wood Wood Museum Copenhagen

Wood Wood Museum Copenhagen

And do not forget to buy some of the beautiful and 100% natural body lotions, oils and other SPA products by Danish brand Karmameju (you get them at Illum e.g.). Founder Mette Skjærbæk does her best to find a good balance between a hundred percent natural ingredients and acceptable prices. So try it, it is really worth it and the scent is not comparable to any other natural beauty products I have tried so far.


OK, I must admit, there used to be years of Copenhagen visits without a single stop at any sight. But some places are really worth a visit. If you have time and stay a bit longer, you must go and see Louisiana outside of Copenhagen. You can go there by train or car. Or even bike. The Museum of Modern Art which is located directly by the sea is gorgeous. Actually even the trip there is wonderful. The seaside outside Copenhagen is very cosy and a popular place to live (if you can afford it).

Bikes. They can be rented everywhere downtown. Actually they are e-bikes which makes life a bit easier. Just register at and pick your favorite. 

Then there are the classics you need to see: AmalienborgThe Little Mermaid, Nyhavn or Paper Island with its Streetfood Market. 

I could go on telling you more about Copenhagen and why it is one of these European cities you have to visit once in your life, at least. If you love Hamburg, you will love Copenhagen. And Danish people are really nice. It`s easy to get in contact and they love chatting, dining and socialising. So, enjoy your stay!

Chris Weier