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What makes me think


Nearly everybody heard about Cambridge Analytica helping Trump to win the election. During the Online Marketing Rockstars Conference, CEO Alexander Nix talked about their approach to combine data from different online and offline sources to be able to hyper-target one single person with an ultimately customized message.

Nix’ theory is that the so-called „blanket advertising“ is dead which means two people with the same demographics, age, income and family situation can still be put into different target groups. Just imagine, one is rather the one caring about his friends` and public opinion, being an introvert rather than the other one who does not care about other people`s opinions but love to live his own independent life. And here it is: that little something that makes them different.


Cambridge Analytica managed to work with loads of data being collected even through these kind of funny „Which dog type are you?“-quizzes we all love to play on Facebook. It´s frightening on the one hand, but on the other this is the future of advertising. Have a look at his speech and get your own impression!

Chris Weier