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What I am reading


Are you stuck behind your desk? Working at a designer or concepter? What do you do to be creative?

Austin Kleon tells his secrets about becoming a creative person starting with copying people you admire, people whose work you love. Then you add this special something to your copy and something unique comes up.

His methods on how to unlock creativity can be more than agreed on. E.g. “step away from the screen”. I do not know how you guys do it but as a kid of the 80ies/90ies I am still addicted to doing work with my hands, being creative just with paper and pens. No digital devices until the idea has been created.

And you need to step away from your usual workplace. Go out, have a walk, sit in a café or a coworking space and let your mind flow. I really do not get it how creatives in agencies like the ones I used to work for stumble upon new ideas sitting in a mediocre office surrounded by white walls and the chatter of their colleagues.

So, there is much more in Kleon`s book than that. Go and grab a copy!

Steal Like An Artist
EUR 9,99
By Austin Kleon
Chris Weier