About our mindset, processes and tools

You might have heard about Design Thinking (invented by IDEO) or Google Design Sprints. Design Thinking is a mindset consisting of five stages to follow in developing a product - empathize, define, ideate, prototype and validate.

Using this mindset and combining it with methods taught at HyperIsland Creative Business School in Stockholm has become the North-Star for our daily work. Design Sprints on the other hand have influenced a lot how we approach new projects. Sometimes there is this big question that has been keeping our clients from getting their good nights sleep. Other times it is that core need of our users we have to get a solution for. The fast iteration cycles of a Design Sprint and the opportunity to build and test a prototype with real users in 5 to 10 days has proven its value so that we try to use this method whenever we can. And we always love to show its value also to our clients.    


CHRISWEIER digital creatives Network

CHRISWEIER digital creatives is first of all Chris, Founder & Strategic Experience Designer. At her side is a team of multidisciplinary digital product experts focused on Facilitation, Growth Marketing and Digital Communication.

We have worked together since 2007 when we founded our first digital agency together. Our studio is small, working with a few clients at a time which we select carefully. Due to our flexible team setup you only pay for our provided service and no overhead costs.
Chris is your main partner from day 1 of our collaboration, no junior or freelancer is taking over the responsibility after a chemistry meeting.

We are based in Hamburg and Copenhagen and love to work with companies of all sizes from different industries.